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Designed by self storage managers & programmed by software experts. Task Storage brings you all the features that you would expect from a complete site management software package and more at a resonable price.

Many of the features of Task Self Storage are listed on this site, however the development team are not at a standstill. New features are currently in production and will be added to Task Self Storage. Ensure you subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date with current developments.

Task Self Storage Tablet

Task Storage Features

All the following features come as standard

Designed For a Purpose

Task Self Storage has been designed and built from the ground up, no opensource or 3rd party sources used. Ensuring no unnecessary features or bloatware included to hinder your site management process.

Contact Management

A fully functional customer relationship management system helps you keep track of your contacts & easily assign contracts to them and convert contacts into Tenants.

Customise Me

We understand that every storage facility is unique, so your management software should shape itself around you. This is where customised fields play a role enabling your to bespoke many areas of the software including contact & tenant profiles, assets and documents.

Website Included

Select from one of our website templates, upload your logo, some images, text and publish. Our website feature allows you to create your own website and publish directly from Task Self Storage. Additionally you can create SEO description & point your own domain name to the site.

Customer Portal

A unique system that gives your customers access to their very own customer portal, tenants can manage their invoices, payments, support calls, gate codes, messages, uploaded documents & contracts. This system makes the process of managing your customers and payment far superior than using emails or sms texts.

Electronic Signatures

A common practice now is for companies to allow contacts to be signed electronically. This is a great way to allow your new customers to agree and sign digital contracts on their internet connected Tablets or smartphones, while also saving the planet removing the need to unnecessarily create paperwork.

Task Calendar

At a glance see what is happening over the month or even today. Who's moving out, where maintenance is needed, or custom events can be added for them scheduled meetings. Create a user account for maintenance so they can log in and see any jobs posted to them.

Multi User

Task Self Storage allows you to add as many users as you wish. You can control who has access and to what areas of Task Self Storage. Assign access levels so they see only what you want them to see, or whether they can add & delete records, view sales or maintenance required.

Document Management

Request documents from your users, which can easily be done by yourself or your customer. While you can use the Task software to upload documents to the customer profile, your customer can also upload requested documents via their customer portal.

Asset Management

Your Assets are what makes your business, these could be units, containers, plots, spaces, building or rooms. The Task Self Storage software includes very powerful features to help you set up and manage them. Assets can include customised fields, images, variable pricing, notes and activity log giving you the most comprehensive Asset management system by far.

Bulk Management

Company wide functions are available within the Task Self Storage software that empower you to change areas of the Task Self Storage Software on a global level. Including price increases by % for all your assets, bespoke customer notifications, archive inactive contacts and more.


Task Reporting System offers you a list of cusomisable reports that using our WYSIWYG editor can be bespoked to look just as you want, ie add a logo, change body or footer personalised text.

Automated Invoicing

The Task Self Storage Software just makes it so simple to invoice your customers. An invoice date can be set when pairing a Contact with an Asset, that is then made available from within their portal. Along with this the customer can be prompted that the invoice is available via email or a invoice run can be created to print for sending.

Multiple Facilities

As standard create multiple facilities and manage them separately under one company. Contacts, Tenants, Assets, accounts or reports can be managed separately from other facilities this would include user access control to different facilities.

Facility Map

A very powerful tool that allows you to visualise active facilities on your own map, enabled with multiple floors, sites and custom items. View available Assets, rented or overdue and with a click you can pull up Asset, Contract or Contact information.

Export it

Are you wanting to export accounts information? Customise the data you need & format then download locally to your own system, or have it emailed directly to your accountant.

Integrated Email

No need to configure complicated email settings as emailing from Task is setup by default. After the user has validated that they wish to receive emails from you then you are good to go.

Enterprise Features

The Task Self Storage Software development team have worked with market leaders on many projects and bring a level of expertise second to none. Working with companies with many years of experience in the self storage industry. This meld of skills brings you the highest quality, best performing while brining simplicity to the end user.

Cloud Technology

Utilising modern software technologies makes available from anywhere with an internet connection, and designed to work on smart phones, tablets and desktops. Also, be rest assured that your data is safely protected on our servers with latest security policies & that backups are created daily .

Intuitive Menu

Finding the feature within Task could not be simpler. Using an intuitive yet powerful menu system navigating through to what you need can be learnt within moments.

Facility Global Search

Looking for a Contact? Asset? Contract? even a note or user event can be found with the Facility Global Search. Located on the Home page, just type what you need and let The Task Self Storage Software do the work.


Another marketing leading technology is the Task Self Storage Software's very powerful Tabulated system. This enables you to work on multiple areas of your business at the same time. Contacts, Reports, Contracts or Assets can all be opened at the same time and switched between using the tab system.

Quick Links

Where ever you are custom events can be added to the quick link menu at the top of every page. Be it move in, move out, make payment or new contact

Easy Move

Do you have a customer in the wrong place? Maybe because what they have is too small or too big. Task makes it easy to move a customer from one asset to another.

Secure Messaging

Developed by software experts, the Task Self Storage Software team fully appreciate the importance of secure communications, so have included within the customer portal a facility to send & receive messages to your management team in a totally secure environment.

Custom Dashboard

Your employees roles all differ, so will the information they would want to see. The Task Self Storage Software allows your users to very simply customise their dashboard to reflect the information they want to see at a glance. This could be new customers, active websites, website traffic, open support tickets, sales information, overdue payments or even daily activies.


Increase your revenue by creating a catalogue of items to sell to the customer. Select items from your inventory to add to an order then invoice your customer. The invoice is available with payment information on the customer's portal if one is activated.

Deposit Tracker

Keep track of customer refundable deposits. The deposit will always be available on the Contact or Tenant profile and can be selected for refund at any time.

Payments & Refunds

Visa & Mastercard payments are easily setup by using Stripe & Paypal. Just sign up and enter your key into The Task Self Storage Software to make the system active.


Be notified of any messages from customers, user events set for you, system updates or support replies.


Our team will work with you to configure your Task Self Storage Software environment taylored to make it work for you. Whether it be initial setup, importing contact data, website setup, payment options or anything you need support for.


If you're wanted to take full advantage of task use our documentation feature which allows you to search though for an anser or just flip though and study. However, if you are really stuck with an issue, dont hesitate to contact support.

Task Updates

Technology never stops advancing. Our programming team is dedicated to ensure that the Task Self Storage Software has all the latest security policies applied, while constantly maintaining and improving features. You're in good hands with Task.

Your Newsletter

Keep your customers up to date, send them newsletters or promotional material to their Customer Portal. You will be sure that they will receive this information as the Portal cannot be blocked as where email can

Email Marketing

The Task Self Storage Software brings features to help convert your Contacts into paying Tenants. With some technical knowledge you can use our email marketing tempates & a mailgun plugin to send newsletters & promotional material.

Custom Bundles

Increase revenue on your site by adding items to your asset to create a bundle. Add a monthly charge for electricity, insurance, telephone line or broadband service. The extra revenue will add up.


The Task Self Storage Software has pre-defined setups for currency, dates formats and wording. Select the setup that is most applicable for your business.


Contact us if you can't see what you want for your business. We are sure to help.

Task Storage Preview

See what Task can do

Calendar free self storage
Task Calendar

At a glance asses visualy your business scheduled events. View by month or list today's activities only, while filtering out jobs that don't apply to you.

Create user activities for yourself or book in an attention activity for the maintenance person to clean a unit.

Contracts free self storage

A Contact becomes a Tenant once a let has been agreed. At this a contract is created & is made available to the Tenant. View a customers contract history or select from the menu to all active contracts. Signed Contracts are stored within Task and can be viewed electronically by Users or the Tenant.

Activities free self storage
User Activities

Keeping track of your Contacts & Tenants is easy with Task.

Find the user you want & drill down into their history, Marketing, Documents, Contracts, Financials, Payments, Movements & more

All Selectable for more information.

Contracts free self storage
User Notes

A very flexible feature to add free text notes to a contract, asset, user, facility or company wide for everyone to see.

With a date & time a note can be created and viewed from within the calendar. Also create a note that can only be viewed by one another user.

add notes for free self storage
Intuitive Menu

Getting to where you want to go has got far easier. From the home page you can simply navigate down through the menu levels & if you get lost just press the home button to return to the top level menu.

Even easier just type the menu you want into the search bar on the home page & select the menu you want to get there.

Searching free self storage
Task Search

One of the most powerful features of the task self storage software is 'Task Search' located on the home page. Task search can search every area of your company database, including contact names addresses telephone numbers contact numbers invoices notes menu options and much more...

Task Storage Pricing

Simple Pricing Structure

Task Nano


  • Access - All Features
  • Contacts - Unlimited
  • Users - Unlimited
  • Inventory - 100
  • Assets - 100
  • Support - Email 24/7

Task Gold

$ 25per month

  • Free Trail - 3 months
  • Access - All Features
  • Contacts - Unlimited
  • Users - Unlimited
  • Inventory - Unlimited
  • Assets - Unlimited
  • Support - Email 24/7

Task Enterprise

$ 199per month

  • Version - Taylored
  • Access - All Features
  • Contacts - Unlimited
  • Users - Unlimited
  • Inventory - Unlimited
  • Assets - Unlimited
  • Support - Email 24/7

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